Plants and Me
Plants and Me
Love the Nature Protect the Life!

‘’ It is almost impossible to change people’s habits’’

If we think that there will be a change in the society and plus value, it should be the starting point for children.

In this way we planned this training program for our children at kindergarten and elementary school level.

What are we going to do with our children?

We will first tell them how nature and nature have a prescription to keep us and all living beings alive. We will promote the land and make them see the big eye in the ground. Step by step they will recognize the plants, learn to touch them, and understand that plants are living beings and that they must respect them in this process.

We will have seeds for them, a seed for planting, witnessing the adventure of being. We will ensure that all the care of the plants themselves take responsibility. In the next step they will learn how to grow various plants and vegetables. As they develop and grow together, they will contribute to the life cycle of another creature together.

As Sun Floral School team, we believe that this is the most important training program and we shape our work accordingly.


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