Geometrical Terrarium
Geometrical Terrarium
Sun Floral School

Terrarium is aquarium where various plants are planted. We should think of terrariums not just as a piece of decoration but as an ecosystem on their own. In other words, thanks to a viewing terrarium, we are moving our plant environment to our homes and offices.

There will be no molds, borders and rules in our terrarium workshops. Because we know that the boundaries of dreams can not be drawn, everyone will be free to turn their dreams into reality and create their own little garden.

Workflow our program:

  • Scheduled activity time is 2 hours. But we will never look at the clock.
  • A brief introduction talk
  • Sample design preparation of the designer
  • Tea-coffee break
  • Participants prepare their own designs
  • Certificate ceremony
  • Writing the memo book
  • Batch image and program termination

Note: The designs prepared by the participants at the end of the event will be given to them as gifts.

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