Basic Flower Education
Basic Flower Education
The Sector Is Calling You!

The aim of the basic floriculture training is to train florists in the sector. For those who wish to acquire a new profession, you can open your own shop after this training, in which both flower education and sectoral delicacies are taught.

Basic Flower Education our basic floriculture training program is planned as 5 days. Our training hours are between 10:00 and 15:00.



Identifying Flowers

One of the most important things about flowers is to know the kinds of flowers we will work with in detail. Which flowers come with which flowers, vase life and how long are the subtle nuances of this work.

Clearing the flowers and placing the vases

Our flowers are also available to us as they cut from the hothouse. Because of that, we should not clean them and place them in a proper way for the vases. This will provide both our visual and vase life.

Preparing bouquets from seasonal flowers

Bringing flower bouquets together and bringing them together is a prerequisite factor. All the details of the bouquet arrangement will be explained in this category. Packing is a special importance as well as preparing the bouquet.

Table arrangement

The table arrangements that can be used for labor tables, invitation tables, and many other areas and improve your hand habits are an important training. You will meet with this training with a flower sponge called Oasis and you will enjoy working with this material very much.

Arrangement in modern style

It will be your most pleasurable category to reflect yourself and artistic work. It will be an education that will start with the preparation of the infrastructure and the techniques of the modern arrangements. You will also have information about the different materials and accessories that you can use besides the flowers.

Bridal bouquet-groom collar

There are many different types of designs. There will be detailed information about each of the two preparation techniques will be shared with you.


It is a flower arrangement art from Japan origin. Kokedama is very interested in today with its modern designs.

Plant care and arrangement

Floristry is not just cut flowers. This sector also has an important place in this sector. Practical information about the care and arrangement of the flowers will be shared with you.

Visit of supplier companies

The most important thing for us is to supply the flowers with the most beautiful and most affordable prices. It is a very important factor to be able to supply it in the right places in infrastructure and accessories.


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